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MACS Policy Updates

The College has been working on implementing various changes and updates from MACS this term. These have been summarised for you below:

  • Minor wording and rebranding (for example Attendance, Pastoral Care, Student Behaviour, Anaphylaxis, Medical Management, First Aid, Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy and Code of Conduct)
  • Separation of policy and procedures (for example Bullying Prevention, Supervision, Protect and Complaints Handling)
  • New Administration of Medication Policy includes information on administration of short term and ongoing medication during school hours or during school activities including school camps, excursions, interstate or overseas travel. While the updated Medication Authority Form now allows for parent/guardian/carer approval to administer short-term over the counter medication without medical practitioner approval, we strongly encourage families to ensure the Medication Authority Form is completed by an AHPRA registered medical practitioner or pharmacist at the time of obtaining a prescription for medication. We also remind our families to ensure they provide Medical Management Plans where required.
  • New Excursions, Camps and Travel Policy and accompanying procedures – you may have noticed more information is being provided on the Operoo permission forms and we kindly ask you to ensure that you respond to these permission requests in a timely manner so we have sufficient time to complete the planning and preparation for the relevant activity.

If you have any questions or feedback in relation to these policies, or about policies in general, please contact the College.