Pastoral Care

At MacKillop College we believe that pastoral care should be centered on the personality of the students and those factors in their environment that help or hinder their physical, social, intellectual and emotional stability. Furthermore, we believe that we should be concerned with how the learning environment can be adapted to cater for individual differences in order for all students to achieve success and reach their full potential. We aim to create a flexible environment that meets the needs of students of different abilities, needs, backgrounds and cultures.

The MacKillop College community is unique in culture and character; therefore our pastoral care system is also unique. We take our inspiration from the life of Mary MacKillop and the work of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Our care for each other is an expression of our Vision and Mission Statements and the ethos of the College. We are all witnesses to the gospel values of respect, justice and love for our neighbour. Our pastoral care reflects our history, socio-economic circumstances, ethic mix and culture.

We place great emphasis on the incorporation of our values and philosophies within our pastoral care network. We provide effective structures to communicate with our community about the welfare of our students and their families. Pastoral care arises out of relationships formed between the College administration, staff, students, parents, counsellor, chaplains, welfare agencies and any member of our community who strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our young people.

MacKillop College realises the worth in expressing a real care for each other. All members of our community, whether they are students, staff or parents, should feel comfortable in the knowledge that an appropriate level of support will always be available. We successfully cater for a wide range of needs and interests in curriculum and co-curricular areas. We view pastoral care as being an essential aspect of good teaching and learning. Most importantly, our vision of pastoral care reflects the gospel values as expressed by the life of Jesus.