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Notebook Essential Readings

How to get the most out of your Laptop
  1. Charge your laptop every night to ensure it has enough power for the day
  2. Lower the brightness on the laptop to a comfortable level, this also increases battery life
  3. Restart the computer on a regular basis to install updates
  4. Shutdown the computer overnight to avoid overheating in the bag and preserve battery life
  5. Empty your downloads folder on a regular basis to free up space
  6. Always carry your laptop in it bag
  7. Use two hands when moving your laptop
  8. Use complex passwords or passphrases with your laptop to provide the best security
  9. Don’t eat or Drink over your laptop
  10. Ensure all your data is stored in a OneDrive folder to avoid losing it
Seqta Overview

What is Seqta Engage and Seqta Learn?

Seqta Engage is MacKillop College’s Parent/Guardian Portal.  Seqta Learn is the student’s portal

What can I do in Engage

Seqta Engage hosts information such as student reports, assessments and timetables.  It is also a communication tool, where MacKillop staff can send you a Direct Message and you can also message staff.  Seqta Engage is also used for you to notify the school of any Student absences.

More information is available on the Portal Page on this website

Notebook / Network required consents/agreements

ICT Acceptable Usage Policy
ICT Acceptable Usage Policy - Student
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What equipment will my child receive?

Each student in Years 7 and 10 will receive a new school owned quality notebook, a significant range of software will be preinstalled, an AC power adapter and a protective notebook case. The notebooks are managed with service agreements for repairs and covered for accidental damage.


  1. What criteria were used to select the notebook?

The notebooks are selected by a team of staff members from various areas of the school, including ICT as well as Teaching and Learning. The notebook provides a flexible learning platform for students to engage in their subjects. The laptop is a commercial grade laptop designed to handle the rigours of daily use. The criteria for selection of the laptop includes, size, weight, performance, quality as well as the educational opportunities afforded to the students.


  1. How much will the laptop cost?

The laptop is issued to students at no additional cost. Assuming the laptop is looked after and returned in the same condition as it was provided, there will be no additional cost.


  1. Who owns the notebook?

The notebook remains the property of MacKillop College at all times and must be returned on request. We encourage a sense of ownership from all students, as this notebook will be their personal learning tool. The onus of costs on repairs will be the parents/guardians responsibility.


  1. How long will my child have the notebook?

The notebook will be replaced every three years. All students are provided with a new notebook in years 7 and 10.


  1. Can they use our family notebook at school?

No, students can only use the allocated notebooks with software licensed to the College. Network and internet facilities will not be available on unsupported notebooks.


  1. How will my child benefit using a notebook?

Existing research, both internal and external, indicates that access to technology, integrated as part of the learning process, can significantly increase student engagement and promote high order thinking skills. At MacKillop College, technology has provided value by enhancing research, aiding problem solving, increasing collaboration, providing effective techniques for the presentation of ideas and publication of work, as well as improving communication.


  1. Will the notebook be used in every lesson?

Students will have the notebooks with them and available to use throughout the day. It will be up to the individual teacher to assess whether the notebook will be used in a lesson.


  1. Will the notebook affect child’s ability to write with pen and paper as required by the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)?

No, MacKillop will maintain a balanced view towards technology and will ensure that the skills required for the VCE are taught. Students will still be required to undertake a considerable amount of handwriting in preparation for examinations.


  1. What if the notebook is stolen or damaged?

All laptops are covered by an insurance policy that covers accidental damage or accidental loss. Parents and guardians are liable for the insurance excess. Laptops are not covered for malicious damage or deliberate loss, in these instances Parents and Guardians are liable for the total cost or repair/replacement. The ICT department should be advised as soon as any damage or loss occurs.


  1. Do I need to have a laptop repaired if it is damaged and my child is leaving the school

Yes, all laptops are to be returned in the same condition they were provided.


  1. Where will my child charge the battery?

We have selected a notebook with a long-life battery that should provide enough charge for use throughout the day. Students should charge the battery each night at home.


  1. What if they forget to charge the notebook?

Students are required to have the necessary equipment at school and in working order in preparation for class work. It is essential for notebooks to be fully charged at the start of each day. Laptops can be brought to ICT during helpdesk hours to be charged.


  1. Does my child need to bring it home?

Yes, it is very important that notebooks are not left at school for security reasons. It is also important that the notebook is charged at home each night.


  1. Can personal software be installed?

Some personally owned software can be installed. The software must be legal (neither copied, nor installed on other family computers if there is only one licensed copy) and must have some educational or functional value to support schoolwork, such as a home printer. Personal software will not be supported by the school in any way and could be removed should any problems occur with the notebook. Software including games, additional browsers or tools designed to bypass the network security are not allowed.


  1. Can I connect the notebook to our home wireless network and printer?

Yes, these home services can be connected as long as the MacKillop network and security settings are not interfered with. Seek advice through the ICT Service Desk.


  1. Can my child connect to a mobile phone, to access the internet at school?

No, we do not allow students to use a different network or internet service other than MacKillop’s when at school.


  1. What if my child accesses inappropriate content, chat rooms or wastes time?

All laptops have internet filtering software installed and the network is filtered at school. However, this is not a replacement for adequate supervision when using technology.


  1. Can family members use the notebook?

No, students will be entirely responsible for the content on the notebook. Students must not share logon details with anyone.


  1. Will my child’s data be backed up?

Each student is responsible for the data they create. Students should save to their OneDrive regularly where backups take place. On leaving the school any data stored by the student may be deleted at the school’s discretion and without further communication.