Student Care and Safety

The wellbeing and safety of our students is paramount and we have support systems in place so that our students feel and are safe and cared for.

Student Support

The International Programs Coordinator is responsible for the care of international students in our programs. The coordinator works jointly with our EAL coordinator, designated homeroom teacher, Year Level Coordinators and Director of Wellbeing depending on the need when international students are concerned. Assistance is available in all aspects of our students’ wellbeing, including welfare, homestay matters and academic issues.

The International Programs Coordinator oversees the homestay program and maintains constant contact with both students and host families. Enrolment matters are managed by the International Registrar.

The Careers Counsellor and Careers Coordinator work closely with international students and their teachers in assisting with subject choice, career advice and University entrance.

The progress of the students in the College is monitored closely and parents receive regular reports on academic and other matters. Telephone contact, with interpreters as necessary, is encouraged for solving problems as promptly as possible.

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