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2023 Year 12 Results

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The month of December is a significant one for all Year 12 students across the state. Not only does it mark the official end of secondary school for these students, it is also the time when they receive details of their academic performance in the Victorian Certificate of Education and/or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning. All members of the MacKillop College community share an interest in the academic performance of the Year 12 class. It is a time to celebrate the academic excellence and endeavour of individual students, and of the year level as a whole. Following, is a summary of the academic achievements of the Year 12 class of 2023.


2023 at a glance…

  • 238 students completed Year 12 studies at MacKillop College in 2023. 22 students were enrolled in the VCE VM program with 216 students enrolled in the VCE.
  • 100% of VCE students attained their VCE. 100% of VCE VM students attained their VCE VM.
  • Students participated in 63 different VCE Unit 3/4 studies in 2023.
  • There were 40 study scores of 40 or above before scaling and an additional 18 study scores of 40 or above after scaling. These scores were attained in 22 different VCE and VET studies. (See following page for a complete list of those students who achieved a study score of 40 and above.)
  • 15 students attained an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 90 or above. A further 25 students attained an ATAR of 80 or above. This equates to 27.4% of the Year 12 students who received an ATAR of 80 and above.
  • The highest ATAR of 99.00 was achieved by Sahara Pethiyagoda. He was followed by Justina Chan on 97.75.
  • Annabel Bailey achieved the top unscaled score of 49 in Health and Human Development.
  • Sahara Pethiyagoda achieved the top scaled score of 52.09 in Specialist Mathematics.
  • The average ATAR was 71.1 was slightly down from 72.78 last year.
  • The median study score was 31, the same as last year.
  • 176 Year 12 students applied for a tertiary place.
  • 51 Year 11 students completed at least one VCE Unit 3/4 study in 2023.
  • 137 students were enrolled in one of the 25 VCE VET certificates studied in 2023.
  • 22 students completed the Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major program.
  • At our VCE VM Dinner, Erica Scolaro was recognised with the Vocational Major All-Rounder award. Erica has been accepted into the prestigious Patrick School of the Arts for her Dance, a highly regarded and exceptionally competitive process. She completed VET Dance this year.
  • In total, 14 VCE VM students transitioned to immediate employment post completion. Seven have secured a full-time apprenticeship/traineeship and another seven have transitioned into full-time employment. Four students have taken on further study at TAFE leaving four students still determining their pathway.
  • MacKillop College has been able to successfully transition 66% of VCAL students to apprenticeships or employment.

Percentage of students who studied in the following areas in 2023:

Subject Percentage
Building and Construction 67%
Automotive 4%
Dance 4%
Information Technology 4%
Applied Fashion 4%
Beauty 8%
Allied Health 8%


Traditionally, an ATAR of 90 or above has been used as a measure of academic excellence. In 2023, 15 students attained this outstanding result:


Sahara Pethiyagoda Justina Chan Lilly Cunningham
Natnael Ayano Annabel Bailey Joanne Tey
Zoe Angeles Stephen Ly Macy Sherriff
Tristan Grichting Chelsea Marangu Bridget Bruno
Chelsea McKendry Venice Santiago Teagan Klooger


When the academic performance of the nine students who attained an ATAR score of 80 and above is combined with these students, then it becomes clear that many students in the Year 12 class of 2023 have attained a high level of academic excellence.

One of the other measures commonly reported on to assess academic success in VCE studies is the number of study scores of 40 and above. Following is a list of all students who attained this result both before scaling (*) and after scaling (^):


Subject First name Surname Subject First name Surname
Accounting Chelsea McKendry* General Mathematics Sahara Pethiyagoda*
Biology Jayden Scomazzon* Jacob Baker-Mayer*
Chemistry Nazneen Ngan* Haresh Ellinavaalu*
Justina Chan^ Zane Varchione*
Joanne Tey^ Joanne Tey*
Drama Teagan Klooger* Stephen




English Lilly Cunningham* Zack




Jessica Zahra* Lilly Cunningham*
Bridget Bruno* Chelsea






Joanne Tey* Mathematical Methods Sahara




English as an Additional Language Justina Chan* Tristan




English Language Chelsea








Food Studies Justina Chan* Specialist Mathematics Sahara Pethiyagoda*
Health and Human Development Annabel












French Olivia Matimba^  


Chelsea Marangu*
Gianni De Pasquale^ Olivia Matimba*
Italian Davide Civilleri* Physics Joshua Pacifici*
Asia Parrilli* Sahara Pethiyagoda*
Lilly Cunningham^ Stephen Ly^
Japanese Kashish Sharma^ Product Design and Technology Domenique Natoli*
Justina Chan^ Psychology Chelsea Antolic*
Joanne Tey^ Isabella Guzzardi*
Legal Studies Mia Burke* Mia Burke*
Foundation Mathematics Taffere Abera* Religion and Society Macy Sherriff*


The College challenges all students to strive for personal excellence. High ATARs and VCE study scores are two measures of excellence but there are others. Examples of 2023 Year 12 students who have strived for and achieved personal excellence include a number of students who have:

  • successfully gained an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • been in full-time employment since early Term 4, having satisfactorily completed the necessary requirements to attain their VCE.

I would like to conclude by acknowledging the fine work of all MacKillop College teachers. The College’s level of academic success in 2023 did not happen by chance. It reflects a commitment to establishing a learning and teaching culture that values and supports academic excellence and endeavour. This has happened because MacKillop’s teachers remain committed to continually reviewing and developing classroom programs that provide every opportunity for the students to experience academic success.



Kind regards
Mr Chris Caldow