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Help the homeless! – from Year 12 VCAL students

A call for Years 9-12 to contribute product donations to help the homeless. 

Year 9: Year 9s, we are inviting you to bring as many packs of Up & Go as possible for people who have nothing. Up & Go is low GI and contains protein and fibre. People who are homeless need a liquid option for food as its easily carried, disposed of and the perfect source of energy for them. Please place any Up & Go packs in the bin provided in your building. Any other items you would like to donate are welcome.

Year 10:  How good are a pair of warm, dry socks in the winter? Someone who is homeless can often wear a pair of socks only once. Because of the difficulty drying them, the homeless often dispose of socks when they get wet. Year 10s, we are asking that you donate new, clean, socks for people most in need. Any colour, size, length, just be sure they are new!

Year 11: Dearest Year 11s, the Year 12 VCAL class are asking for your help. Please donate ring pull cans of food to our amazing cause. Cans can be placed in the bin in your building! Anything else you feel someone living on the streets would benefit from, please place in the bin provided too! We would love to see this bin so full, we can’t move it!

Year 12:  Hi year 12s, as you would know the Year 12 VCAL cohort are making care packages for the homeless and we need your help. We need you to donate cereal boxes so we can include them in the homelessness care packages.

The deadline for all year level donations is Thursday 13 May 2021.