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Bibliographies in brief 

When researching and utilising information sourced from others, credit must be given to the original author or creator. In some cases, monetary values are given for use of the information created.  This is especially relevant to musical creations. 

A bibliography is a list of all the resources viewed when researching and utilising information not from your own source.  

It states the Title / Author or creator / Name of publisher / When published / Where published / Edition of publication / online source the URL (Universal Resource Locator) and the date accessed. 

The bibliography is arranged alphabetically and can be written in many styles, however consistency of the style for each task is essential. 

An annotated bibliography contains a brief summary of content and a short analysis or evaluation of the resource. 

Many digital tools exist to assist in the construction of a bibliography and the Geoghegan Library offers the service of the tool titled “Reference Generator”, available on many of the LibGuide pages on the website. This easy to use tool allows students to manage their requirement of acknowledging their source of information for all areas of study.