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COVID-19 – 10 June UPDATE 1


Dear Parents and Guardians,


I hope this finds you all safe and well and staying warm on what is such a cold and wintery day.

On the advice from our governing body, received at 1:30pm today by way of the latest School Operations Guide, we wish to communicate with you regarding the return of staff and students to on site learning tomorrow.

All students and staff will return to the College as of Friday 11 June. We look forward to having everyone back at the College and hope the transition will be as smooth as possible for all concerned.


With this in mind, we ask that you attend to the following:

All students at the College aged 12 years or older, must wear a face mask indoors and outdoors at school, unless an exception applies. Face masks are mandatory for all school students aged 12 or older when travelling to and from school.

Please ensure your child has a mask with them every day and remind them of the necessity to socially distance when asked.

Visitors to the College, including parents/guardians
Unfortunately, until otherwise notified, all non-essential visitors are asked not to visit the College. With this in mind, all meetings with parents/guardians will occur over the telephone or using Zoom.

Where possible parents/guardians are asked not to enter the College Administration building. Where this is unavoidable, they are asked to call the office first.

Impacts on learning programs
Due to the current restrictions there are some significant impacts on some learning programs across the College.

Our Outdoor Education program at Year 8 is permitted to go ahead as planned, as the facilities used are only used by MacKillop for the duration of the program.

All excursions and incursions have been cancelled, including interschool sports (i.e. SACCSS and Premier League).

With this in mind, the following College events have been cancelled or postponed:

  • Marvellous Melbourne (SMC)
  • Year 7 Premier league
  • Year 10 VPP work placement
  • Senior girls’ football
  • Senior boys’ football
  • Ensemble evening.

We look forward to tomorrow and seeing the College once again brought back to life by the energy and life force of our staff and students.

We trust that the long weekend, with its limits and restrictions, brings some needed rest for us all.

God bless.

Kind regards,
Rory Kennedy