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Cyber Safety Reflection

During the Cyber safety assembly with Susan McLean yesterday afternoon, we learnt a lot about how dangerous the internet really can be. It was an eye-opening assembly because I think you’d find most of the Year 10’s, including myself, wouldn’t have known the true dangers of the internet.

We learnt a lot about having a digital footprint, and how you may think you might ‘delete’ something off your account, but it is never deleted off the internet permanently. Police can always conduct investigations and end up finding every post you’ve made, every comment you made or liked and see chats between people online.

We also learnt a lot about how easily you can be sextorted and how to avoid it, a lot about sexual predators and how easily it is to be targeted by them. We learnt about how partaking in sharing explicit photos is illegal and having someone’s nude photo in your possession can get you charged and registered as a sex offender. Mainly we learnt how to avoid all of these situations and how to be safe when using the internet. Susan McLean really helped to make us aware, and really made us rethink our use of the internet and how to be safer.

Written by a Year 10 Student
We thank Susan McLean for her engaging presentations.