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Digital Reputations

In the online world anything we choose to post or have posted about us affects digital reputation. Anyone can search your name and check social media accounts, including potential employers and universities. This means it is important to know what our digital reputation looks like and if it needs changing.

As online users, we can check our privacy settings, say no to posts or photos that could be detrimental, even request removal of material that is not as desired. Everything that appears online concerning our personal details can become our personal brand.

So, what is a personal brand?

Everyone has a personal brand which makes them memorable and differentiates them from everyone else. It incorporates how you promote yourself, and your unique combination of skills, experience, and personality.  It is how you want the world to see and perceive your story. Your personal brand reflects your conduct, behaviour, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes.

You can develop your personal brand in a positive way by highlighting your strengths and passions to present yourself to potential employers, study options or even relationship. Focusing on these attributes also prevents your brand developing in a detrimental way. Everything you post online can be traced back to you and how you wish the world to perceive you so take the time to create a strong personal brand that demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a way you desire.