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Do you have to be Catholic to come to MacKillop?
No. However, you must be residentially zoned.

Do you take non-Catholics?
Yes, of course we do.

Do I have to live in the zone to come to MacKillop?
Yes and this a non-negotiable with MacKillop.

What is the zone?
Please refer to the map on our zones page to see whether or not your home falls within the zone.

Why are there zones?
The Archdiocese of Melbourne is responsible for the zoning of schools and colleges across Melbourne. This is an attempt to ensure fair access to Catholic Education based on where you live.

How strict are you with the zones?
Very strict. You must be residentially zoned to receive an enrolment application form for your child. Please refer to our Enrolment Policy for more information.

Do you take students from State Schools?
Yes. As long as they are residentially zoned and follow our enrolment procedures. For more information, please see the enrolment guidelines on our website.

What are the bus routes for the College?
We have several private and public buses that come to the College and, as routes are updated, we update the information on our website. Please refer to our bus route page for the latest information.

How much to the buses cost?
For public buses, Metro Myki cards are required.
For MacKillop buses, fees can be found on our website and are updated annually. The 2023 fees can be found here.
For further questions regarding the bus fees, please contact the College via

When do I have to enrol by?
The 2025 applications need to be submitted by Friday 18 August 2023. All offers will then be emailed for prospective Year 7 2025 students on Friday 20 October 2023. Acceptance of an offer will need to be submitted by Friday 10 November 2023.

How much are the fees?
The College fees can be found on our website and are updated annually.

How do you cater for students with learning difficulties?
The College has many processes and systems in place to assist students with learning difficulties. The staff at the College will work closely with parents/carers and feeder primary schools to establish the best ways to support individual students. Once at the College, the Learning Diversity Team will work with the teaching staff of the College to ensure that the needs of each student is met as best possible. If you have concerns about your child and their specific circumstances it is best to contact the College and ask to speak with a member of the Learning Diversity Team.

How do you cater for gifted students?
We’re not a select entry school. However, we do have a comprehensive Gifted and Talented Program, otherwise known as the Julian Tenison Woods Program (JTWP). This program is aimed at meeting the various intellectual and pastoral needs of those students with greater potential in one or more learning areas. Individual student needs are met through curriculum telescoping and possible acceleration within subject areas, co-curricular extension and enrichment activities. These students are also encouraged to participate in appropriate external programs.

Do you have a music program?
Yes, quite a comprehensive one at that. Music is a compulsory subject for one semester in Year 7, and then students also have access to an extra-curricular music program. Additionally, students are able to try out for various bands, ensembles and the annual College musical.

Does everyone have to do Religious Education at MacKillop?
Of course, and students meet the required standards each year.

We are (insert your religion), what will my child do while everyone else does Religious Education?
Every student must participate in all RE classes and they must meet the required standards each year.

Am I able to take a private College tour?
Please check our website Enrolment page for upcoming dates.


Further questions

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Learning Diversity

Our Learning Diversity Department includes support for individualised learning, as well as additional learning support and extension (e.g. Julian Tenison Woods Program for gifted and talented students).

Student Wellbeing

For information about the services, programs and resources the College has available to support student wellbeing, Child Safety and mental health.

Learning and Teaching

For information regarding the curriculum, teaching strategies and programs in place to support the learning of our students (including our One-to-One Laptop Program and Outdoor Education).

Catholic Identity

For information about our faith and traditions.

School Fees

For information regarding school fees, payment options and financial support.

Enrolment/Other Questions

For further help with the enrolment process, or if you have any questions not covered by the above, e.g. bus routes, zoning, important dates.