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Library Lovers’ Day 2021

Despite having yet again been forced to endure remote learning, the students’ enthusiasm could not be dampened when it came to their blind date with a book on Library Lovers’ Day 2021.

Students selected their unknown book as a blind date in the week prior to Sunday 14 February (Valentine’s Day), utilising skills based on appearance of size, and perhaps a favourite number. The usual practice of looking at cover images and reading blurbs were dispensed with as the challenge to step into the unknown, unfamiliar, and often a very different genre, was taken. Even COVID-19 couldn’t take away the fun that was experienced by all during our annual event in the Geoghegan Library to celebrate reading, literature and the young adult genre.

Reading opportunities continue for MacKillop students with the ebook option available on the Geoghegan Library Homepage. Students of all year levels are invited to take a closer look and investigate the online young adult literature for their reading pleasure.