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SEQTA Engage (Video) and the Refined Absentee Process

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  • New Absentee Process (Information)
  • SEQTA Engage Desktop (Video)
  • SEQTA Engage Mobile Phone App (Video)
  • Absentee Process Explained – Mobile Phone App (Video)

New Absentee Process

Families have always been obliged to notify the College when their child is absent from school and the reason why.

Beginning Monday 2 October 2023, families will be required to report their child’s absence via SEQTA messaging. The Direct Message (DM) must be sent to ‘Attendance’ by 9:00am on the day of the absence.

The existing Absentee Telephone Line will no longer be operable from this date. Likewise, the College will no longer use SMS text messages for notifying you of your child’s absence from school.

If your child is absent without the College being notified by 9:00am, instead of an SMS, families will now receive a DM notification of the absence. Be aware that any late notifications received between 9:00am and the time of the DM being sent may still result in families receiving a DM. In this instance you may disregard the message.

If you receive a DM, and have not notified the College, you will need to get in touch as soon as possible, simply by hitting ‘reply’ on the message received. Our current process, where a phone call from the Attendance Officer to any family who has not been in touch regarding their absent child, will continue. It’s an additional precautionary safety measure to ensure all our students are accounted for.

As we roll out this update to the process, I ask that you please ensure your contact details, including the emergency details, are correct. Likewise, for the ease of reporting absences to, and receiving messages from, the Attendance Office via SEQTA, I ask that you download to your mobile phone the SEQTA Engage App. For more information go to: https://www.mackillop.vic.edu.au/portal/engage-portal/

SEQTA Engage


SEQTA Engage Mobile Phone App


Absentee Process Explained – Mobile Phone App