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Safety in Online Environments

Online learning has once again become part of our lives at MacKillop and it is timely to remember the safety needs of being in an online environment.

It is true that many instances of online harm occur outside of school hours but, as a community, the issue of cyber safety is everyone’s concern.

Did you know that the e-Safety Commissioner provides information and guidance on the use of numerous platforms that are available to students online?

The site explains the latest games, apps and social media platforms: what they are; how they are operated and by whom; age restrictions and; more importantly, how to protect your information, and block and report inappropriate content.

Visit the e-Safety commissioner website and, as parents/guardians, you will also notice the many opportunities on offer to become informed of issues pertaining to cyber safety.

The Geoghegan Library maintains a safe research environment for students with access to databases, videos and reading material. Students are advised to utilise this resource in their studies while online, and to enjoy the benefits of the eBook facilities to enhance their reading for pleasure.