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Year 7 PBL

During our first week at the College, all the Year 7s participated in Project Based Learning (PBL) that went on from Wednesday 3 February to Friday 5 February. During these three days, the Year 7 students learned about PBL, many of them partaking in this opportunity for the first time.

  1. The Year 7s were able to choose from two topics:
  2. 1) PBL
  3. 2) Respect for Self, Others and School (SOS).

The students formed groups for their project and presented the projects to different classes later. The PBL was student-driven, allowing freedom and creativity for students in their work.


Students enjoyed PBL and here are some of things they said:

I think it helps people develop their teamwork skills, and as a person who doesn’t enjoy group projects this is fun” – Jasmine

It’s new and different” – Quentin

It’s great and encourages teamwork” – Mikael

PBL is important for us and its quite convenient for making friends” – Ruhama

Written By: Aaron, Sachiv, Aidan